Our Auto Repair Services in Parry Sound

At Road Runner Automotive, we're your one-stop destination for an auto repair shop in Parry Sound, ON, providing brake services, general maintenance, general repairs, tire services with accessories, Trailer repairs, AC services, Auto electrical services, Exhaust services, & windshield replacement service, in all under one auto repair shop. catering to all vehicle makes and models.


General Repair

Regular general repairs and timely attention guarantee that your vehicle remains in peak condition and is always prepared for any road adventure.


General Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to a longer-lasting and breakdown-free vehicle. Just like routine check-ups keep you healthy, consistent care ensures your car stays robust for all your journeys.


Tires, Wheels & Accessories

We aim to provide tire sales and services that guarantee your vehicle's ability to navigate any road with safety and dependability.


Trailer Repairs

We're here as your go-to team for trailer repairs, ensuring your towing experience is safe and hassle-free. Trust us to keep your journey smooth so that you can focus on the road ahead.


AC Repair & Service

With our reliable AC repairs & Service, you can keep cool on the road, no matter the size of your wheels. Trust us to make your drive comfortable and refreshing.


Brake Repair

We aim to ensure your vehicle can come to a safe and dependable stop in any situation. Trust us for top-notch brake repairs, making your safety on the road our top priority.


Electrical Services

We specialize in ensuring the dependable performance of your vehicle's electrical system, promising a secure ride in all conditions.


Exhaust Services

Enhance the operation of your vehicle's exhaust system and deliver an efficient and consistent performance throughout.


Windshield Replacement

Clear your view with expert windshield replacement services - keeping your journey safe and seamless.


At our automotive service center, we cater to all makes and models. Whether you drive a compact car, SUV, truck, or any other vehicle type, our expert team is equipped to provide comprehensive car care services tailored to your specific needs.
Our General Repair services cover various automotive issues, ensuring your vehicle remains in optimal condition. From addressing engine concerns to fixing mechanical components, we provide timely attention to keep your car ready for any adventure on the road.
Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging your vehicle’s lifespan and avoiding unexpected breakdowns. Our Maintenance services are designed to keep your vehicle in top shape, addressing wear and tear issues before they escalate and ensuring a smoother and more reliable driving experience.
Absolutely! Our automotive service aims to provide comprehensive tire sales and services. Our goal is to guarantee your vehicle’s ability to navigate any road safely and dependably. Whether it’s tire replacements, wheel alignments, or accessory installations, we’ve got you covered.
Our Trailer Repair services are designed to be your trusted partner for trouble-free towing experiences. We ensure that your trailer is in optimal condition, addressing any issues promptly to enhance safety and performance.
Yes, we specialize in AC Repair Services to ensure you stay cool on the road, regardless of your wheels’ size. Our team provides dependable AC repairs to keep your journey comfortable and worry-free.
Our objective is to guarantee your vehicle can come to a secure and reliable stop in any circumstance. Our Brake Services cover everything from routine brake inspections to brake pad replacements, ensuring your safety on the road.
We specialize in ensuring the dependable performance of your vehicle’s electrical system, promising a secure ride in all conditions. Our Electrical Services encompass diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance of electrical components to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
Our Exhaust Services aim to enhance the operation of your vehicle’s exhaust system and deliver an efficient and consistent performance throughout. From addressing issues with the catalytic converter to muffler repairs, we ensure your vehicle’s exhaust functions optimally.
Clear your view with our expert Windshield Replacement services, keeping your journey safe and seamless. We prioritize safety and quality in every windshield replacement, ensuring your vehicle meets the necessary safety standards on the road.